Mink Machine

Rome - Quest for cacio e pepe

  • Vatican sunset

    View from Castel St Angelo

  • Lazy afternoon in Trastavere


  • Crisp morning

    Reine at Ponte Umberto

  • Wall of wonders

    Open Baladin

  • The road to the slaughterhouse

    A steady stream of people walking towards the Colosseum.

    Via Fori Imperiali

  • Simplicity

    Having Tonnarelli alla Gricia

  • Tu Vuò Fa' L' Americano

    This is the place where Matt Damon and Jude Law performed on stage in Talented Mr Ripley, 1999.

    Reine at Caffè Latino

  • Sunset over Piazza di Spagna

    Spanish Steps

  • A maze of marvels

    Maps Gallery, Vatican Museums

  • Divine view

    The view from St Peter's Basilica where Anita Ekberg once lost her hat to the wind in Fellini's La Dolce Vita is probably one of the greatest in the world.

    The Vatican

  • Walking on hallowed ground

    Reine roaming in St. Peter’s Basilica

  • All you need is Amarone

    Mimi e Coco

  • Trodden since 1932

    Bramante Staircase, Vatican Museums

  • Capitoline sunset

    The Capitoline Hill is the highest of the seven hills from ancient Rome. It was transformed by Michelangelo into a large piazza flanked by three palaces.

    Capitoline Hill

  • The noble sport of Pope-spotting

    Pope Francis saying hello from his window

  • Here we go again

    Reine at Colosseum