Mink Machine

Boston - Without a tea party

  • Strike!

    The Boston darlings Red Sox take on the Florida Marlins at the Fenway Park, the oldest stadium in the States.

    Fenway Park, Boston

  • Legoland

    The harbor of Boston

  • Tetris

    Central Business District, Boston

  • Call me Ishmael

    Reine off the coast of Boston

  • Old and new

    At this balcony the Declaration of Independence was read to the people in 1776.

    Old State House, Boston

  • A mirror darkly

    The original church building from 1894 is crammed between modern structures.

    Christian Science Center, Boston

  • The magic flute

    While eating lunch on the sunny grass I was suddenly ambushed by a lovely squirrel. This little critter proved to be a first-class thief, fond of french fries.

    Anonymous squirrel in the Common park, Boston

  • Fireproof

    Fire department, Boston