Baltic states - Autumn in the Baltic

Roaming through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

  • Reach out and touch faith

    Hundred of thousands of crosses have been brought here during several generations, even though the site has been cleared three times by Soviet authorities.

    Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

  • Repent

    The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul dates back to 1617.

    Šiauliai, Lithuania

  • Towers of the past

    These old zeppelin hangars contains the central market, each one representing a different food group: meat, fish, dairy, bread and produce.

    View from Saint Peter's Church, Riga

  • Roaming hipsterville

    The bohemian area in the north features a lot of interesting locations.

    Reine in Miera iela, Riga

  • Through the centuries

    Riga cathedral

  • Defender of the crown

    Reine on the city wall, Tallinn

  • The skyline of old town

    View from Patkuli stairs, Tallinn

  • Medieval vibes

    St. Catherine's Passage, Tallinn

  • None shall pass

    City wall, Tallinn

  • Back in black

    Reine at DM Baar, Tallinn