Mink Machine

Cape Town - At the end

  • Best hotel room view ever

    [Radisson Red]

  • Last rays

    [Off the coast at Camps Bay]

  • Looking for the Flying Dutchman

    [Cape of Good Hope]

  • Top of the world

    [Reine at the Table Mountain]

  • Warning for boomslangs


  • Strenuous climb

    [The slope of Table Mountain]

  • Beachhead


  • Atrocities of the past

    [The former cell of Nelson Mandela at Robben Island]

  • I want it all

    [Reine at VA Food Market]

  • That view

    [City Bowl with Lions Head and Robben Island]

  • My kind of alley


  • Penguin takeover

    [Boulders Beach]