Mink Machine

Northern Poland - Along Polish riviera

Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia.

  • From the ashes

    All of this was reduced to rubble during WW2, but rebuilt in the 1950s.

    [Dlugi Targ, Gdansk]

  • Tales of concrete

    [Ruins in Westerplatte]

  • Party like a gorilla

    [Green Gate, Gdansk]

  • Boardwalk blues

    [Molo, Sopot]

  • Thy fearful symmetry

    [Muzeum II Wojny ƚwiatowej, Gdansk]

  • End of the road


  • The legendary hangout

    [Spatif Bar, Sopot]

  • Don't tell anyone

    [Reine finding Flisak 76 in Gdansk]

  • Soldek

    [Dlugie pobrzeze, Gdansk]

  • Above the spires

    [View from Lighthouse, Sopot]