Great Britain - From Glasgow to Brighton

Glasgow, Ayr, Thornhill, Grasmere, Lake District, Oxford, Brighton.

  • Sheeps galore

    Sheeps everywhere! Better not be sheepophobiac around here.

    Lake District, England

  • Another lake

    When they called it the Lake District, they weren't kidding.

    Reine on a walk, overlooking yet another lake

  • a fistful of haggis

    Haggis is the national dish of Scotland. It usually consists of various entrails such as heart, liver and lungs. These juicy bits are traditionally boiled in the sheep's stomage for several hours. I wonder what this sheep has eaten?

    Having haggis in Thornhill, Scotland

  • 101

    This must be the place where Depeche Mode goes to shop when all stores in Basildon are closed.

    Thornhill, Scotland

  • Castlevania

    This is where we stopped for the night. I've seen worse places.

    Grasmere, Lake District

  • A forest The Cure would say.

    Lake District

  • Keep your hands inside the vehicle

    This white beauty was my assigned horse. He had the ominous name of Storm, but luckily I had stacked up a big supply of Kendal Mint Cake in case he would live up to the name.

    Horseback riding

  • End of the road

    Finally arriving at the lovely town of Brighton. This is as far south as you can go without entering the tunnel below the English channel.

    Brighton pier

  • Pebble beach

    Now that's a lot of pebble.

    Brighton pier