Mink Machine

Albania - Tales of concrete

  • We need Spiderman

    [Reine at Pyramid of Tirana]

  • Lazy days beneath the eagle


  • Very subtle

    [Bunk'Art 2, Tirana]

  • The road to nowhere

    [Bunk'Art 1, Tirana]

  • In the footsteps of Hoxha

    [Bunk'Art 1, Tirana]

  • Thumbs up

    [The amphitheater of Durrës]

  • Stairway to beach heaven

    [Sfinxi, Durrës]

  • I can see my house from here

    [Reine at Mount Dajti]

  • Days of old

    [Radio bar, Tirana]

  • Rooting for you

    [Mount Dajti]