Salzburg - The hills are alive

From Mozart to Sound of Music. And back again.

  • The hills are alive

    View from Monchsberg terrace

  • Within the family

    The tomb of Mozart's wife and father.

    Friedhof St. Sebastian

  • The beginning

    The house where Mozart was born in 1756.

    Mozart Geburtshaus

  • Down the alley

    Another movie location for Knight and Day.


  • The cave bar

    May I suggest some Bulleit bourbon with a touch of Chatreuse.

    Reine at Little Grain

  • Palace guardian

    Mirabell Gardens

  • Godzilla has arrived

    Reine in Dwarf Garden

  • Jesus is here


  • The cave bar

    Little Grain

  • Event horizon

    Reine at Stein

  • Another horse

    The famous fountain where Julie Andrews splashed some water in 1965.


  • Neptune and friends

    The fortress towers above the city.

    Chapter Fountain at Kapitelplatz

  • Echoes of the old town

    View from Festung Hohensalzburg

  • The girl and the gnome

    Dwarf Garden

  • A view for a drink


  • Just me and my drink tray

    Reine at Mozart Wohnhaus

  • Towers of Salzburg

    Old town