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Belgium - Through medieval cities

Through the beautiful cities of Ghent, Bruges and Brussels.

  • The postcard view

    The canals through the city made for the nickname Venice of the North.

    Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges

  • Bricks

    The medieval castle from 1180 was modeled after crusader castles.

    Gravensteen, Ghent

  • The path to Burg

    The buildings around the Burg square are very impressive.

    Blinde-Ezelstraat, Bruges

  • Towering

    This beast keeps playing all the time.

    Belfry, Bruges

  • House of cups

    For some reason the ceiling was covered with cups.

    Amadeus, Ghent

  • Make a good impression

    The town hall facade features a flamboyant Gothic style.

    Stadshuis, Ghent

  • Assault angel

    Augustijnenkaai, Ghent

  • To the top

    Ascending the tallest belfry in Belgium, 91 meter tall.

    Belfort of Ghent

  • Nobody puts Jesus in a corner

    The chapel holds a venerable relic, said to be the blood of Jesus.

    Basiliek van het Heilig Bloed, Bruges

  • Entryway

    The building next to the bridge from 1895 used to house a flood control mechanism.

    Minnewater Bridge, Bruges

  • X marks the spot

    We managed to locate the secret beer pub, cleverly hidden in a narrow alley.

    Reine at Staminee De Garre, Bruges

  • Waterside location

    Het Waterhuis aan de Bierkant, Ghent

  • Tanner me this

    This used to be the guild hall of the tanners.

    Toreken, Ghent

  • Zombieland

    Graffiti at Werregarrenstraat, Ghent

  • Holy moly

    St Baafskathedraal, Ghent

  • Kids of today

    Altar detail at St Baafskathedraal, Ghent

  • Gothica

    Revisiting an old favorite.

    Town Hall, Brussels

  • Stay wary of crocodiles