Vilnius - Center of Lithuania

  • The red tower

    This is Gediminas Hill where the city was founded. It has featured a red-brick tower since the 13th century.

    Gediminas Tower

  • Not Pisa

    The cathedral square features a tall belfry, the only remains of the old wall around the square.

    Katedros aikste

  • A state of mind

    The freewheeling republic of Užupis reminds me of Christiania in Copenhagen.

    Užupio Republika

  • The only way is up

    Užupio Republika

  • Islington's little cousin

    Standing on an egg? Why not.

    The angel of Užupis

  • Silent hill

    Užupio Republika

  • Making plans


  • Northbound

    Neris river

  • Imagine no possessions

    The patron saint of Lithuania has an impressive silver tomb in the cathedral.

    Sarcophagus of Saint Casimir

  • Amuse me, muses

    Drama, Comedy and Tragedy. Only three they are.

    Three Muses, Lietuvos Nacionalinis Dramos Teatras

  • Bricks bricks

    The beautiful church features 33 different kinds of bricks and it is said that Napoleon wanted to bring it back with him to Paris.

    St Anne's church

  • Bricks of old

    The defensive wall was finished in 1522, featuring ten gates and five towers. Today only a small section remains.


  • Espresso from heaven