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  • Crocodile Dundee

    Apart from the box jellyfish, there's also the occasional crocodile to avoid on the walkway.

    Cairns, Australia

  • It's a trap

    Hotel in Stockholm

  • Verbal aikido

    Major selling point.

    Franschhoek, South Africa

  • Politicians beware

    Tombstone, Arizona

  • No soup for you

    I suppose the NYPD does have humor after all.

    34th Street, New York

  • Crocodile Dundee

    Don't mess with the croc or it will eat you.

    Sydney Aquarium

  • Dear gust

    As seen on the entrance to the restrooms at a restaurant.

    Luxor, Egypt

  • Feed me, Seymour

    To feed the wild aligators is another no-no. They could get digestive issues if they eat you.

    In the bayous of Lousiana

  • Bo shudda!

    A somewhat odd sign, considering the fact that they have managed to select the only few Star Wars characters that are never armed.

    Sci-fi convention, Gothenburg

  • Who do voodoo

    We found this sign near a waterfall, telling people to stay away from the practice of voodoo here.

    Ubatuba, Brazil

  • Dangerous rocks

    Chocolate Fish Café in Seatoun, New Zealand

  • Stamp of affection

    In translation: "Gift from Kreml". Above this toilet seat there was a large framed photograph of the Swedish queen. What would Dan Brown have to say about this?


  • Unknown liquids

    I would feel a lot more comfortable if they hadn't put those quotation marks around the word "water".

    Delsjön, Gothenburg

  • Boring town

    Takayama, Japan

  • Watch for rattlesnakes

    Tucson, Arizona

  • The exterminator

    Who do you gonna call when Ghostbusters are on their lunch break?

    Sydney, Australia

  • Shot on sight

    Tombstone, Arizona

  • Pizza the hut

    Well, we're all hungry at times.

    Market Street, San Francisco

  • Welcome to Mordor

    In translation: "Great shadow". I never imagined Mordor was this green.


  • What a crook

    Classic photo location for Swedes.

    Unter den Linden, Berlin

  • Keep off the wing

    In case you were wondering, walking on airplane wings is a big no-no. So try to keep any Twilight Zone monsters off the wing, please.

    Somewhere above New Zealand

  • Hey Bigfoot

    For some reason I found this sign appealing.

    Camden street market, London

  • Words of the reaper

    Somehow I feel that this hooded person is more grim than he looks.

    Japanese exhibition, Gothenburg

  • Nice beaver


  • Really really old skull

    Tombstone, Arizona