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  • Crocodile Dundee

    Apart from the box jellyfish, there's also the occasional crocodile to avoid on the walkway.

    Cairns, Australia

  • It's a trap

    Hotel in Stockholm

  • Politicians beware

    Tombstone, Arizona

  • Bones in the stars

    In translation: "Astrology kit - dig out your own dinosaur". I hope they meant Archeology?

    Haga Nygata, Gothenburg

  • No soup for you

    I suppose the NYPD does have humor after all.

    34th Street, New York

  • Crocodile Dundee

    Don't mess with the croc or it will eat you.

    Sydney Aquarium

  • Dear gust

    As seen on the entrance to the restrooms at a restaurant.

    Luxor, Egypt

  • Bo shudda!

    A somewhat odd sign, considering the fact that they have managed to select the only few Star Wars characters that are never armed.

    Sci-fi convention, Gothenburg

  • Who do voodoo

    We found this sign near a waterfall, telling people to stay away from the practice of voodoo here.

    Ubatuba, Brazil

  • Dangerous rocks

    Chocolate Fish Café in Seatoun, New Zealand

  • Feed me, Seymour

    To feed the wild aligators is another no-no. They could get stomage ache if they eat you.

    Lousiana swamps

  • Stamp of affection

    In translation: "Gift from Kreml". Above this toilet seat there was a large framed photograph of the Swedish queen. What would Dan Brown have to say about this?


  • Unknown liquids

    I would feel a lot more comfortable if they hadn't put those quotation marks around the word "water".

    Delsjön, Gothenburg

  • The taste of blood

    Do not feed the horse with your own hand, or the poor animal could lose his teeth.

    Slottskogen, Gothenburg

  • No swimming

    If you had an idea of go swimming 50 feet from the waterfalls in this fast river, don't. If you do, you're obviously headless, as the sign says.

    Iguazu Falls, Brazil

  • Hellboy

    One of many surrealistic paintings on the wall of a kindergarden. Are they implying that only hellspawn are permitted?

    Grönsakstorget, Gothenburg

  • Boring town

    Takayama, Japan

  • Watch for rattlesnakes

    Tucson, Arizona

  • The exterminator

    Who do you gonna call when Ghostbusters are on their lunch break?

    Sydney, Australia

  • Don't panic

    The illustrative lifeboat instruction from an archipelago boat. Description: If your mother is experiencing a bad hair day, throw your donuts in the air and offer free drinks to everyone.

    Gothenburg harbor

  • Shot on sight

    Tombstone, Arizona

  • Pizza the hut

    Well, we're all hungry at times.

    Market Street, San Francisco

  • Welcome to Mordor

    In translation: "Great shadow". I never imagined Mordor was this green.


  • The public crook

    This is probably the most photographed doorway by Swedes in all of Berlin. Would you buy a video from a place with a sign reading "What a crook"?

    Unter den Linden, Berlin

  • Guardians of the night

    Bloodsucking vampires? Walk this way.

    Skansen, Stockholm

  • Keep off the wing

    In case you were wondering, walking on airplane wings is a big no-no. So try to keep any Twilight Zone monsters off the wing, please.

    Somewhere above New Zealand

  • Hey Bigfoot

    For some reason I found this sign appealing.

    Camden street market, London

  • Words of the reaper

    Somehow I feel that this hooded person is more grim than he looks.

    Japanese exhibition, Gothenburg

  • Lethal bridge

    Some bridges are worse than others.

    Dangerous sailing in Ofotsfjorden

  • Fancy a bite?


  • Restriction

    I've heard about "don't drink and drive", but this was something new.

    Street in Ueno, Tokyo

  • Simple navigation

    Beijing, China

  • No swimming

    Skagen, Denmark

  • Nice beaver


  • Really really old skull

    Tombstone, Arizona