Stockholm - Through the capital

  • View from Montelius backe towards the Old town and Riddarholmen.

    Montelius backe

  • In the old town

    Less than 3000 people live in the Old town.

    Prästgatan in Old town of Stockholm

  • Music for the masses

    Kollaps Records

  • Black and white


  • Through the ages


  • Taking the stairs to the elevator


  • In the old town

    Christmas fair at Stortorget, the oldest town square in Sweden. Be sure to grab the perry-brandy marsipan from Bräutigams!

    Old town of Stockholm

  • In the old town

    Mårten Trotzigs gränd is a very narrow alley.

    Old town of Stockholm

  • Urban shortcut


  • In the old town

    Lilla Hoparegränd in Old town of Stockholm

  • Beard and brews

    Sampling beer at International Rainbow Project and Buxton Tap Takeover.

    Man in the Moon

  • Uphill


  • Red alert

    The first version was built in 1667 and used as an ammunition storage, but exploded in 1845.

    Kastellet, Stockholm

  • Going down

    Reine playing snooker at Ballbreaker

  • Sunset


  • In the cavern

    This is the most central church in the capital and likely the most cavernous.

    Saint James's Church