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Fave concerts of 2008

I tend to visit a lot of live concerts, since most bands manage to perform something special on stage that make them come alive and ascend from the flat compact discs. I often rediscover a band when I see them in the flesh.

My favorite ones during this year were probably:

  • Suicide Commando at Arvikafestivalen – The sound was infinitely better than the last time I saw them and the raw energy of the opening act was total bliss. (Read more about the festival)
  • Yazoo in Glasgow – Their debut album from 1982 was one of the very first vinyl records I listened to. At those early days I would never have guessed that I would see Vince and Alison at the Clyde Auditorium 26 years later. (Read more about the Glasgow trip)
  • Tom McRae in Gothenburg – He is one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriters and this was the first time I’ve seen him live. He delivered a delicate and subtle performance just as expected, and brought along his friends from Hotel Café which provided a lot of variety on stage. (Read more about the concert)
  • Grinderman at Way Out West festival – His new band was a disappointment and the songs are often dull, but Nick Cave is Nick Cave and sometimes that’s all we need. (Read more about the festival)
  • Thåström in Gothenburg – Semi-acoustic versions of his very best songs, ranging from Imperiet to present day, accompanied by the last rays of the dying summer sun. Magic.

I also had a look at Sigur Ros, Combichrist, Thermostatic (twice), And One, In Strict Confidence, Cut Copy, Kent, Cryo, Rotersand, Broder Daniel, Alison, Sista Mannen På Jorden, Cruxshadows, VNV Nation, Aimee Mann, Reaper, Behemoth, Alice in Videoland, The Flaming Lips, Neil Young, Franz Ferdinand, Deathstars, Spock, Kleerup, Lola Angst, System, Death Cab For Cutie, Interpol, Sonic Youth, The Crashlanders, Moonlight Cove, Bobby, Lykke Li, N.E.R.D., Lil’ Kim, Merz, Submariners, Mercy Arms, Fontän, Hird and more.

Time is finite and I missed some things that would have been great to hear. Agonoize in Malmö with all the fake blood (saw them three years ago in Leipzig), Karin’s performance with Hype in Berlin (seen Hype twice though) and Adolphson & Falk a few weeks ago (have seen their acoustic tour once before and it was great, but the tickets were severely overpriced this time).

Next year is looking very promising and I already got tickets to Front 242, Morrissey, Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode and other fossils. Stay tuned!

Concerts of 2008 A bunch of bands.


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    30 Dec, 2008

    I really like these best-of-the-year lists. Quite a few I would like to have seen myself on your list… but hey, you can’t get it all.
    Not that many super-duper this year, but a few worth to mention:
    Iron&Wine – really nice atmosphere, but got a bit sleepy in the end after all. Weekdays are no good for concerts. :(
    Cut Copy – good stuff, and a band I never got into before the concert. Afterwards a lot more love from me.
    Ratatat – major improved since the last time. Cool VJ-stuff in the background. Loved the birds and the cut up ABBA-video.
    Disappointment of the year was Glasvegas, OK they were not that good to begin with (way to hyped), but seriously… it was boring from the start. And the crowd were really into it with lighters and hands in the air, but that ended rather quickly and I think everyone were pleased that there were no encore.

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    30 Dec, 2008

    Thanks for sharing!
    I also saw Cut Copy a few months ago. The Australians were a totally different experience live than on record and I discovered several new favorite songs as they were performed.

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    03 Jan, 2009

    Lists like these and Spotify… a brilliant combination!

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