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Fave concerts of 2009

2009 must have been one of the busiest concert years ever. Perhaps in some way due to the decrease in record sales which forces the artists to hit the roads. Regardless of the reason I estimate that I visited about 80 gigs during the year, and here are some of the highlights:

  • Röyksopp at Arvikafestivalen – The large Apollo tent exploded with the hands of 10 000 people as gueststar Robyn entered the stage. (Read more about the festival)
  • The Klinik at Tinitus – Dirk Ivens made both Johan van Roy and Andy LaPlegua look like children, an impressive feat. (Read more about the festival)
  • Leaetherstrip at Target – This Danish one man army is back from the dead to give us old-school EBM beats, and the audience was surprisingly active during the gig.
  • Nitzer Ebb at Brewhouse – The dynamic duo of Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris reunited a few years back and still kick serious ass.
  • Nine Inch Nails at Arvikafestivalen – Not a very impressive concert but it was the goodbye tour (cry) and it felt good to see Trent push a keyboard over the stage edge one last time. (Read more about the festival)

The bands I saw in 2009 were Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Front 242, Kraftwerk, Nitzer Ebb, Röyksopp, The Klinik, Morrissey, DAF, Jean-Michel Jarre, Pet Shop Boys, U2, Bob Hund, Suicide Commando, Leaetherstrip, Marilyn Manson, And One, Thåström, Mobile Homes, Combichrist, Fever Ray, Aesthetic Perfection, Elegant Machinery (2 times), TraKKtor, Covenant, Slipknot, Volbeat, Korn, Tiger Lou, Opeth, Disturbed, Northborne, Taken By Trees, Lillasyster, Welle Erdball, Alison, Motor, Dir En Grey, De/Vision, Mr Jones Machine, Sturm Café, Dupont, Thermostatic, Anna Ternheim (2 times), Diary of Dreams, Apocalyptica, Code64, Mergel Kratzer, Emmon (2 times), Noisuf-X, System, Kopfer Kat, Spectra Paris, Snow Patrol, Fleet Foxes, Little Boots, Non Age Art, Malus Castor, Divine Baze Orchestra, Necro Facility, Mommy Hurt My Head, Kite, Mind in a Box, Laleh, Nina Kinert, James Juill, The Sounds, Mando Diao, The Mars Volta, Maud Lindström, Hammerfall, Doll & The Kicks, Arvid, Hearts of Black Science, Tosca and probably several more that I’ve forgotten.

Concerts of 2009 Some bands from concerts during 2009.

Next year is shaping up nicely and so far I’ve got tickets to Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb, Rammstein, Combichrist, Kent, Henry Rollins and more.

Seems to be a strange trend where the main act have an aggressive band as warm-up. I will probably enjoy Nitzer a lot more than Depeche, so the order should be reversed, if not else for the sake of irony (Nitzer was warm-up for Depeche also in 1988).

See you at the front, soldier!


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    29 Dec, 2009

    Impressive list as usual. :)
    For me it looks like this:
    Regina Spektor – last concert for the year, and Regina was as lovely as a performer as the music she creates. Brilliant!
    VETO – quite new to me, very energetic, a bit angry sometimes, and generally good. And no, it is not the metal band.
    Monsters of Folk – arrived late, still got about 2 hours of concert from it. Better than expected, and solid performance by all.
    CocoRosie – superb atmosphere, and when they started to do opera my heart got a bit mushy.
    Alberta Cross – surprise of the year, only heard of them a few days before the concert. Debaser let us see them for free (nice concept), and it is excellent.
    Apart from that I have missed out on Florence and the Machine, and Temper Trap. But will get another go at it when they return for extra gigs.
    The new year will start with The XX. Looking forward too it.

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    30 Dec, 2009

    Nice! Several new names on that list for me to look up. :)

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    02 Jan, 2010

    80 gigs? that’s about one every 4 days. A slight obsession? ;) I saw snow patrol as well, as a pre-band. Otherwise: Coldplay. And a bunch of great Winnipeg bands (Chic Gamine is a new favorite – Winnipeg is the Liverpool of North America, pretty cool).
    I like your choice of required anti-spam-word btw… ;)

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    03 Jan, 2010

    Hehe, I knew you were going to like it. :)

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