The year is about to end and I’m spending the last days of it in Prague, the beautiful gothic capital of Czech Republic. Since it’s also the last day of the decade, we might as well go out with a bang. The Vltava river has been lined with firestarters and other pyromaniacs celebrating by blowing things up.

New Years Eve in Prague Pyrotechnic residue in the mist along the Vltava river.

I normally associate the Vltava river with Bedřich Smetana and his composition Moldau from the Má vlast suite. Earlier today I stood alone in silence on the northern tip of Strelecky Ostrov, an island in the middle of Vltava, surrounded by the currents of the river. A short distance away was the busy Charles Bridge, but it could have been another planet as I enjoyed the silence. The Moldau piece is a perfect illustration of the winding river.

View from West Tower, Prague Crossing the Charles Bridge at night while the snow gently falls.

But there is unfortunately nothing normal going on here, a few hours later. The locals are firing fireworks in all directions, perhaps trying to shoot B-roll material for a Rammstein music video.

I suppose there is a bit of involvement from herbal bitter Becherovka, the classic Czech brew. It is slightly reminiscent of the Melnais Balzam, a weird brew I had in Latvia. But as with many things in this country, twice as lethal at half the price.

Charles Bridge, Prague Overlooking the Charles Bridge earlier on New Years Eve.

Stay safe everyone! I wish you all a Happy New Year and Na Zdraví!

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    31 Dec, 2009

    Gott nytt år! \o/

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