It turned out to be a weird New Years Eve in Manchester.

After a day filled with crane spotting at Ontario Basin, music locations at Salsford Lads Club and strange insults at Bricklayers Arms, we were ready to celebrate the new year.

When in Manchester, the dinner of choice is usually located on “The curry mile”. This is a section of Wilmslow Road that is filled beyond belief with all kinds of food places, including a dense concentration of Indian restaurants. We went to my favorite, Mughli on 30 Wilmslow Road, and the evening could have ended there, since I was almost too full to move.

Deansgate, Manchester As the day turns to dusk in Manchester.

A cab ride later we walked past the infamous Canal Street and dodged the rain into a jazz club, close to the synth club Sin City we visited a few days ago. The waiter was very surprised to see us leave just before midnight, but we wanted to see the celebrations in the city.

Which of course was a big mistake. We arrived at Piccadilly Gardens, which was completely empty except for a few other confused tourists. No fireworks, no celebrations, just darkness and rain. Trust the locals, folks.

To all my friends across the world, I wish you a Happy New Year wherever you are!


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