Since Sweden has had the coldest December month in 110 years, I hoped it would be at least a bit warmer in central Europe. But the streets of Hungary’s capital are absolutely freezing.

Fortunately there are lots of places with hot goulash to escape the chill, and not to forget the famous thermal baths all over the city.

Hot cider at Vörösmarty tér, Budapest Having hot apple cider at Vörösmarty tér.

One cannot survive the cold without the local antifreeze. Out here it goes under the name of Unicum. It smells like varnish and tastes even worse, so I suggest a cup of hot apple cider instead.

Hungary is surrounded by seven countries; Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Croatia. This naturally has a big influence on cultural habits. One such tradition not to clink glasses when drinking beer, coming from a legend of Hungarians wowing not to because Austrians are said to have clinked their beer glasses when celebrating the execution of martyrs in 1849.

Castle Hill, Budapest Surviving the cold with hot mulled wine at Castle Hill.

Clinking or not, today it’s New Years Eve and I look forward to celebrating it in the streets of Budapest. To all my friends across the world, have a Happy New Year wherever you are!


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