On my last visit to Prague almost a decade ago, the city was chilling with patches of snow. This time the city is lush and green, while the temperature is almost tropical.

Kampa park, Prague Lazy afternoon in Kampa park.

I’ve been walking around the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic from north to south, west to east. There are many hidden gems and secrets in a place of this size and age, so it’s a fun challenge to find new ones, as well as rediscover old ones in a different light.

New Jewish Cemetery, Prague Kafka and other dignitaries rest under a sea of greens at the New Jewish Cemetery.

As a city ages, so do we. The buildings and monuments may look the same, but other things such as trees can change a lot. I sometimes catch myself finding a place I had forgotten from my previous visit, just because we both have changed in a decade.

R2-D2 in Park Folimanka, Prague Meeting an old friend in Park Folimanka.

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