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Croatia - Along the Adriatic Sea

From Zagreb to Zadar and Biograd na Moru.

  • Epicenter

    The main square of Zagreb has existed since the 17th century, featuring Josip Jelačić himself on a horse. The statue was installed in 1866, removed in 1947 but restored after the breakup of Yogoslavia in 1990.

    [Trg Josipa Jelačića, Zagreb]

  • Sunny afternoon

    [View from Lotrscak Tower, Zagreb]

  • Eternity

    The impressive arcades dates back to 1879.

    [Mirogoj cemetary, Zagreb]

  • Reach for heaven

    Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Time for a shorter name.

    [The cathedral in Zagreb]

  • Chimney tower

    This old tower from the 13th century was built to protect the southern gate of the city wall.

    [Lotrscak Tower, Zagreb]

  • Mary was here

    One of the weirdest shrines I've been to. Located in an old gateway, like having an altar in a tunnel. But still serene and beautiful.

    [Stone Gate, Zagreb]

  • Tiles

    The roof tiles are placed so they represent the coat of arms of Zagreb.

    [St Marks Church, Zagreb]

  • Pathway

    This old tower from the 13th century was built to protect the southern gate of the city wall.

    [Lotrscak Tower, Zagreb]

  • Greensleeves

    Hello spring, we meet again!


  • The sound of tides

    These stairs are known as the Sea organ, since pipes beneath them form a musical instrument based on the rhythm of the waves.

    [Morske orgulje in Zadar]

  • Millennias of stone

    Ruins are all that remains of the 2000-year-old buildings, once the largest forum on this side of the Adriatic.

    [Roman forum in Zadar]

  • Sans Daft Punk

    This is the visual counterpart to the Sea organ, powered by solar panels during the day.

    [Greeting to the Sun in Zadar]

  • Laurel and Hardy

    The circular church of Church of St Donatus is a symbol of the city. Next to it is the bell tower of the cathedral, considerably thinner but a lot taller.

    [Roman Forum in Zadar]

  • Millennias of stone

    St Mary's Church was founded in 1066, but rebuilt during the 16th century in Renaissance style.

    [Roman Forum in Zadar]

  • Above the bells

    The bell tower of the cathedral offers magnificent views of the old town.

    [View from Cathedral of St Anastasia in Zadar]

  • Path to the Adriatic

    [Biograd na Moru]

  • Tranquility

    [Biograd na Moru]

  • Clear as crystal

    [Biograd na Moru]

  • Sharp turn

    [Biograd na Moru]



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