Mink Machine


This is my digital playground with various stuff from the past 20 years.

Map demos

  • Twitter map
    Twittermap screenshot Displays Twitter users on a map using the Twitter API together with Google geocoding services. [2011]
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  • Atlas demo with Europe map
    Atlas screenshot I was trying out the April CTP release of Atlas, Microsoft’s upcoming framework for Ajax applications. This is a small demo in ASP.NET 2.0 which show a basic map display with pinpointed locations. [2006]
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  • Environment spheres
    Environment spheres screenshot Environment mapping on spheres with a 360 background shot at Kronhusgården, Gothenburg. Coded in WebGL. [2011]
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Java 2D effects

I have always been interested in creating graphics effects. Here are a few examples of old-school demo effects, rewritten in Java for easy viewing.

  • The Blob
    Blob screenshot This is my version of something often referred to as meta-balls. The physics idea of this emulation is based on simulated gravity acting on mass distribution. The effect is quite familiar to the old lava lamps, where the slimy material inside shapeshifts as a result of the heat. [2000]
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  • Julia Morph
    Julia set screenshot The Julia set has a close relation to the Mandelbrot set, since the Mandelbrot set is the set of complex numbers to which there are continuous Julia sets. This morph is created in real-time by changing the constant value in the complex iteration procedure, thus creating different Julia sets. [2000]
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3D photos

A set of 360-angle shots from various places. Navigate with the mouse button and zoom with the mouse scroll wheel.

CSS and JavaScript

A wretched hive of CSS and villainy.

  • CSS3 Wars
    Star Wars scroll emulator in CSS3. [2012]
  • CSS3 Reflect and Gradients
    A brief explanation of using CSS3 properties for reflection and gradients. [2009]
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  • CSS Sprites
    CSS Sprites is a technique introduced by Dave Shea in 2004, which can improve page loading by reducing HTTP requests. [2006]
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  • CSS Menu
    How to make a pull-down menu using CSS. [2003]
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  • JQTouch
    is a JQuery plugin for building interfaces with a mobile look. Here is a short example, but you will need a supported browser (such as Chrome) to see the transition effects. [2011]
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  • Client-side table sorting using DOM scripting
    How to sort a table using JavaScript. [2003]
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Web site design and implementation

I have done simple web sites since 1994, just for fun.

  • Dubbeldissarklubben
    Dubbeldissarklubben site screenshot This Swedish site has served the public with obtrusive movie reviews since 1999. For some strange reason there seems to be a lot of visitors with a love for Josh Hartnett. [1999]
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  • Impulse HQ
    Impulse site screenshot This site was created by me in 1994 to be the virtual home of demo crew Impulse. Back then, the web was quite an empty place and this was one of the very first Atari related sites on the net. [1994]
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  • Elegantly Vegan
    Elegantly Vegan site screenshot Elegantly Vegan is a site to promote the excellent vegan cooking book by Veronica Stenberg. I implemented the site in WordPress. [2013]
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  • Asombria
    Asombria site screenshotI was asked by the band to create a new look for their website. The layout was deliberately kept very simple to reflect the cover for their latest record. [2006]
  • Club Harrow Road
    Club Harrow Road site screenshotA small site made in a hurry to promote this cool music club based in Örebro, arranged since 1997 by Stefan from EBM band Spetsnaz. [2005]
  • When You Work as a Web Developer
    When You Work as a Web Developer site screenshot A silly site with too many developer jokes. [2013]
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  • Music

    Soundrop is a free Spotify app. Here are my rooms with great music. [2012]


Music related videos shot from 2007 to 2015.

Generated nonsense

  • Gbg Ipsum
    Content generator for Gothenburg language branch. We have all seen the various “lorem ipsum” generators, but I felt there was room for one with the coziest language in the world. [2010]
    Gbg Ipsum


I programmed my first game in 1989 but the first public release came many years later.

  • Corsair
    Corsair A shoot-em-up game written in Motorola 68030 assembler for the Falcon. Great graphics by Mandus Skön.
    Featuring support for two players, a lot of funky levels, fierce enemies and strange sound effects. [1997]
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  • Meeptris
    Meeptris A small Tetris clone in Java, programmed for fun in a few hours during 1998. [1998]
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Old stuff written in 680×0 assembly language for Atari computers.

  • Bugs From Outer Space
    Worldclaw sphere mapping The winning demo contribution at Nordic Atari Show -96. Also known as the only demo you’ll ever find with a 3D-Toilet.
    Featuring filled 3D-vector graphics, sphere mapping, Julia/Sierpinski fractals, z-rotation texture mapping, raytraced pictures and much more. A total of three parts with transparent loader/depacker. [1996]
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  • Ångest
    Wireframe A small demo done in a few sleepless hours for the competition at Nordic Atari Show -95.
    Featuring z-rotation texture mapping, morphing 3D-wire and a solemn 4-channel music module. [1995]
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  • Wizbound
    Underwater love A dentro with various leftover effects, hastily compiled at Nordic Atari Show -95.
    Featuring odd animations and sampled music from Beyond The Mind’s Eye. [1995]
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  • Terra Incognita
    Vectorballs This ugly little demo won the demo competition at Compusphere-93 and was broadcasted on TV. After a sleepless night of coding, I was so tired during the TV interview that I couldn’t even remember the content of the demo.
    Featuring vectorballs, morphing wireframe, 3D-dots and annoying industrial music by Front 242. [1993]
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  • RGB Reine
    RGB-split I did not, repeat did not, code that demo. In fact, it was made by the dudes in New Beat Development as soon as they managed to get a paparazzi shot of me being high on caffeine in the middle of the night. [1996]
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