Mink Machine

A day in the life - Various moments in time

  • I have been waiting for you Obi-Wan

    Bergman the Jedi Knight on a mission. I tell you, this guy really exists!

    [Somewhere aboard the Deathstar]

  • The graphics card that God forgot

    A friend of mine made a comment that the fan on my graphics card sounded odd, and kindly suggested that it could have attracted some dust. At first I ignored his advice, until I happened to open the computer case.

    [A somewhat dusty GeForce graphics card]

  • Suffer well

    Smoking through a gas mask. Makes perfect sense.

    [Medusa and Darth Vader at Fryken]

  • Dump it

    [Having dumplings at Beijing8]

  • Reach for the stars

    [Indoor climbing]

  • Chill

    Just hanging outside the old office on a cold day.

    [Reine at Läppstiftet]

  • Showdown

    Jango has his own trick for winning a race against a scouttrooper.

    [Scouttrooper vs Jango Fett]

  • Reine in the sky with diamonds

    This is the wonderful air balloon Vera belonging to Chalmers Ballong Corps and the tiny red dot is me.

    [Reine flying somewhere over Gothenburg]

  • Men in black

    [Darth and Reine]

  • Two to tango

    [Reine and Elvira at argentine tango festival in Krokstrand]

  • Plan B

    [Vallgraven, Gothenburg]

  • In the park

    [Hanna and Pär in Trädgårdsföreningen]

  • Snowrollers

    [Anna and Reine snowboarding in Ulricehamn]

  • Lunatic squad

    [Jessica, Reine, Martina and Annika at Liseberg]

  • Three amigos

    Signing event for new movie Dragonetti held at Science Fiction Bokhandeln.

    [Aldo Cunei, Jonas Wolcher and Vargman Bjärsborn]

  • Gimme a break

    It takes a lot of energy to watch over the horde.

    [Anonymous meerkat]

  • I recall the park at fall

    Elvira is happily unaware of the fact that throwing leaves is always rewarded with swift retaliation.

    [Elvira during autumn in Överåsparken]

  • Interview with the vampire

    Reine finds a victim.

    [Movie theme party]

  • Downhill

    [Sofia and Frida in Stockholm]

  • By the rail

    [Annika and Reine on a train near Växjö]

  • You shall not pass

    [Reine in Masthugget]

  • Bullseye

    [Pär on a paintball session, somewhere in a forest 2002]

  • Only three there are

    Spot the evil Sith lord.

    [Fredrik, Darth Vader and Reine]

  • The Submariner

    Submarines are really not build for Scandinavian Godzillas.

    [Reine climbs through a submarine]

  • Dawn of the dead


  • Not Abbey Road

    [Tomas, Christian, Kajsa, Robert and Anna]

  • Houston, we have liftoff

    Theresa is reporting the good news back to the command center.

    [Chalmers Ballong Corps, Götaplatsen]

  • Here comes the sun

    [Emelie on a beautiful walk at Röda sten]

  • Move along

    These are not the shopping bags we are looking for.

    [Scandinavian Sci-Fi Convention]

  • Autumn blues

    [Reine on a autumn walk in Överås]

  • Lady in red

    Why do they insist on arranging film festivals during the coldest time of year?

    [Katarina at Järntorget]

  • Beware of the dog

    Say hello to my old wrestling pal, the coolest killer dog on the planet!


  • Red moon rising

    [Emelie on Drottningtorget, Göteborg]

  • Arrrrr

    The pirate finds a victim.


  • El greco

    There is nothing like a bucket full of tzatziki. Bring it on.

    [Reine at Paros]

  • A place in the sun

    [Lars and Frida at Ramberget]

  • Bridge over troubled water

    Outdoor tango argentine at sunset.

    [David and Elvira dancing under Älvsborgsbron]

  • I wanna rock

    Say no more.


  • Dr Strangelove

    How i stop worrying and learned to love the bomb.

    [Reine aboard Destroyer class ship]

  • Cheers mate

    [Tom and Sebastian at Delirium]

  • I found the bug

    [A bug landing on Reine's jacket]

  • Play

    The local hockey team takes on visitors from the north.

    [Frölunda vs Luleå in Scandinavium]

  • The audience is watching

    The local hockey team often fills the entire arena.

    [Frölunda vs Luleå in Scandinavium]

  • Sudden death

    What would Foppa do?

    [Mr Piggy]

  • Showdown

    Stormtroopers are notoriously bad marksmen, so it feels feeble to go up against the legendary bounty hunter.

    [Stormtrooper vs Jango Fett]

  • We come in peace