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Budapest - Among Goulash and Unicum

  • Breathing in fumes

    Give me a barrel of that stuff.

    [Having hot apple cider at Vörösmarty tér]

  • A royal meeting

    The Danube Corso is a cosy pedestrian street on the Pest side of the river lined with old-timer lamp posts. A bronze statue of a little girl is sitting alone on the fence. She's called the Little Princess and her poor legs are very worn since it supposedly gives good luck to touch them.

    [Anna and the princess]

  • Orphan shoes

    This memorial honours the Jews that were shot here and fell into the river. 60 pairs of iron shoes in various 1940-period models are lined up along the waterfront. It has been estimated that the Hungarian Arrow Cross murdered at least 20 000 people along the banks of the Danube in the less than three months that they had power.

    [Along the Danube Promenade]

  • Stuck in iron

    It's a mind-shattering experience to stand with your own shoes among the iron ones, on the very spot where the unfortunate victims vere shot and fell into the Danube.

    [Along the Danube Promenade]

  • Keep off

    [The walls of Buda Castle]

  • Siberia

    Hugging a cup of hot mulled wine is one way to regain some sensory in the cold fingers.

    [Reine at Castle Hill]

  • Corvinus and the prey

    The hunter statues in the western forecourt are lead by Matthias Corvinus, the king of Hungary and Croatia in the 15th century and probably the most popular hero of Hungarian folklore.

    [Matthias Fountain at Buda Castle]

  • A slice of fried gold

    Tokaji are sweet wines from a region in northeastern Hungary, so associated with the country that it even gets mentioned in the national anthem.

    [Having Tokaji at Rézangyal]

  • Not Brooklyn Bridge

    First opened in 1849, this was the first permanent bridge across the Danube in the Hungarian capital.

    [Széchenyi Chain Bridge]

  • When the walls come crashing down

    The walls seem to be crumbling down upon St Stephen's Basilica.

    [Zrinyi utca]

  • Heavenly wealth

    St Stephen's Basilica is one of the two tallest buildings in Budapest and no buildings are allowed to be taller. The magnificent interior holds the mummified fist of Stephen, first king of Hungary.

    [St Stephen's Basilica]

  • Who goes there

    It's a tough job being a lion at this time of year.

    [Széchenyi Chain Bridge]

  • Happy days

    [Meanwhile in Budapest]

  • Cheers

    You can't have a New Year celebration in Budapest without shotting Unicum, the wierd Hungarian herbal liqueur.

    [Reine somewhere in Budapest]

  • Happy New Year my dear

    This charming Swiss couple were very chatty and happy.

    [Celebrators at Vörösmarty tér]

  • Misty river

    Danube is the second longest river in Europe after Volga, being useful to 13 countries.

    [Széchenyi Chain Bridge across the Danube]

  • King of the hill

    The Buda Castle is visible from most parts of town.

    [Buda Castle]

  • Still not Brooklyn Bridge

    [Széchenyi Chain Bridge]