Mink Machine

Thailand - Trekking in the jungle

The mosquito busters strikes back.

  • One small step for man

    Every long walk starts with a step, and it takes quite a few strides to cross this nice bridge.


  • The local spa

    Refreshing showers along the way are very appreciated, especially after several hours of rough up-hill terrain.


  • Deep forest

    I suppose this is where John Rambo goes for retirement.


  • Raft draft

    This was the 'still dry' moment, before the bamboo raft got stuck on evil rocks and we had to jump into the eel-infested brown water up to our stomages in order to lift it off.


  • Off the map

    Don't think 'eels'. Just don't.

    [Erik and Reine somewhere in a river]

  • Three stooges

    As we entered the valley we found three water buffalos staring at us.


  • Lost

    Where is John Locke when you need him?

    [Reine somewhere in a jungle]

  • Path of disorientation

    I have a slight hunch my cell phone won't work here.


  • Village people

    We stayed a night in the village of the Karon tribe. Curious and friendly people, but their black stew was lethal.

    [Staying with the Karon tribe]

  • Rise and shine

    As soon as I woke up, I stuck my head out the window (that is, a hole in the wooden wall) in search of the damned rooster that started in 4 AM and just wouldn't shut up. His soprano was later joined by a symphony of nearby pigs and friendly animals that in combination with mosquitos effectively kept me awake.

    [Staying with the Karon tribe]

  • Clear skies

    During the night here I witnessed the most awesome Milky Way I've ever seen, entirely free of light pollution. Add a symphony of singing cicadas and you have the correct setting for this wonderful moment.

    [Staying with the Karon tribe]

  • Off the ground

    [Staying with the Karon tribe]

  • Good morning

    This was the morning shower. Cold as hell but extremely refreshing.


  • Wall of trees


  • Fields of gold

    No burning guy in sight, I admit, but I still wish you were here.