Mink Machine

SAMA and Tinitus - 2004-2009

  • Gib mir dein destillat

    Stefan Ackermann is looking happy as ever.

    [Das Ich, live at SAMA]

  • Gib mir mein alltagstod

    Bruno Kramm had a bit of bad luck with the computers, but his hairstyle was top notch.

    [Das Ich, live at SAMA]

  • Sorrow expert

    The boys from Texas are back for their second gig ever in Sweden. First time I saw them in Arvika, the singer performed despite having sustained a broken leg on the way! This time he looked a bit more painless and relaxed.

    [Iris, live at SAMA]

  • Up and away

    [Jörgen at SAMA]

  • Feed your anger

    Santa Claus? Not quite.

    [Combichrist live at SAMA]

  • Without emotions

    [Combichrist live at SAMA]

  • Black town

    [Tinitus 2004, Stockholm]

  • Boing boom tschak

    [Jörgen at Tinitus 2004, Stockholm]

  • Moving hands

    [Tinitus 2004, Stockholm]

  • Aero dynamik

    [Kristian at Tinitus 2004, Stockholm]

  • The look and the sound of the voice

    [John Foxx live at SAMA]

  • Further

    Lead singer Ronan Harris of VNV Nation has two modes on stage: Either bouncing around like Steve Ballmer, or singing with one arm stretched out. This is number two.

    [VNV Nation, live at SAMA]

  • In the light of day

    I really hate Mark Hockings' cap.

    [Mesh live at SAMA]

  • Technoman

    Steve Naghavi suddenly realizes that most swedes have a fairly good understanding of spoken German.

    [And One live at SAMA 2004]

  • Sounds like a melody

    The grand premiere of Bard's new band went well, but then again, Alexander Bard and Martina Schiptjenko aren't exactly newcomers on the electronic music stage.

    [Bodies Without Organs live debut at SAMA]