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Ålesund - Art Nouveau in the north

  • Island town

    [View from Mount Aksla]

  • Hello there

    [Mia in Ålesund harbor]

  • What the water gave me

    [Ålesund harbor]

  • Top of the world

    [Reine at Mount Aksla]

  • The viking

    The famous Rollo is said to be from the island Giske outside Ålesund, before going to France where he founded Normandy in 918 AD.

    [Ålesund Town Park]

  • Enjoy the silence

    [Mia at Mount Aksla]

  • Art Nouveau overload


  • Art Nouveau overload


  • Art Nouveau overload


  • The house that didn't burn

    The only house that survived the devastating fire in 1904.


  • Mine

    [Ålesund harbor]

  • Achtung

    Remains of German bunkers from WW2 are still visible as scars in the beautiful nature.

    [Mount Aksla]

  • Art Nouveau overload


  • Reflections

    [Ålesund harbor]



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