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Highest pub in Africa

The eastern part of Lesotho is a barren landscape, since it is above the tree limit. It’s lacking most facilities and points of interest, with one exception. Appearing at the horizon on top of a hill like a mirage is Sani Mountain Lodge, where you can find the Highest Pub in Africa.

It’s impossible to miss the building at 2874 meters above sea level, which is even higher than Machu Picchu.

Sani Mountain Lodge Sani Mountain Lodge.

I pass through the lodge and have a look at the simple bar. The beverage of choice is of course a Maluti beer, brewed by the only brewery in Lesotho, Maluti Mountain Brewery.

Highest Pub in Africa Having a Maluti beer at Highest Pub in Africa.

We exit to the outdoor balcony and gazed at the impressive mountain range called Drakensberg, southern Africa’s highest mountain range. An unexpected soundtrack was provided by the local band on a nearby hilltop, who looked like ninja versions of Tuareg nomads.

Local band The local band. I have no idea what they’re doing.

The lodge started out as a rustic inn in 1913, providing shelter for weary traveling traders. It feels good to arrive over a century later, finding that the place is still there.


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