I finally found myself on the edge of Africa. Cape Town is often called the Mother City, and after having seen the view from Table Mountain I can understand why. But in terms of geography, the main price lies a bit south of the city.

In the old days, having control of the Cape of Good Hope was crucial for controlling the sea lanes between the Atlantic and Indian ocean. These days the vessels can pass further out from land, but the Cape still holds a significant value.

Cape of Good Hope Cape of Good Hope.

As you may know, the Cape of Good Hope is not actually the very southernmost edge of the African continent. That title actually belongs to Cape Agulhas a bit further east. But ever since Bartolomeu Dias managed to sail past it in 1488, the Cape of Good Hope has been the symbol of the edge. The very name itself was inspiring the sailors to go east.

The legend states that the Flying Dutchman is stuck here, so if I find any ghost pirates I will ask them for a Stroopwafel.


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