As with many cities in eastern Europe, Zadar is filled with strange sights. It’s almost impossible to not stumble upon something weird but wonderful.

View from Lotrscak Tower, Zagreb View from Lotrscak Tower.

Take for instance the Stone Gate. At first glance it’s a medieval stone gate, but once you stroll through the cavernous curvature you will notice a Virgin Mary shrine, where worshipers sit on wooden benches and light candles in the dark, surrounded by exhaust fumes.

Virgin Mary shrine inside Stone Gate, Zagreb Virgin Mary shrine inside Stone Gate.

Another odd one is the Museum of Broken Relationships, which contains a large collection of items with one thing on common: they are related to broken hearts.

But there are of course classic sights as well. Near the museum is St. Mark’s Church, where the gleaming roof tiles are placed to resemble weapon shields.

I also recommend a visit to the Lotrscak Tower, which can be climbed to give a nice view of the city. The old funicular is very short and reminded me of Angels Flight in Los Angeles.


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