Macclesfield is a sleepy town south of Manchester. While once being renowned for its silk industry, today very few visitors arrive here. Except for people with a keen interest in electronic music history.

The town was once home to Ian Curtis and Stephen Morris of cult band Joy Division. After battling epilepsy and depression, Curtis ended his life on May 18, 1980, only 23 years old. The house where he hanged himself is still there on 77 Barton Street.

Last home of Ian Curtis in Macclesfield Last home of Ian Curtis in Macclesfield.

We walked uphill past the gloomy dark St Michaels Church, built in 1220 as the center of what was the old medieval village, to arrive at the Macclesfield Cemetery at 87 Prestbury Rd. We followed the path along the small tombstones, each not larger than a brick, until we found the stone of Ian Curtis. Even though the stone is very small, it’s easy to separate from the rest with the inscription “Love will tear us apart”, as well as a lot of tokens and memorabilia left by previous visitors.

Ian Curtis grave in Macclesfield Ian Curtis is buried at Macclesfield cemetery.

After his death, Curtis was cremated and a memorial to him is located at the Crematorium close to the grave.

We escaped the rain by entering a local pub. With a cold pint in hand, I pondered the ambience and listened for the whispers of ghosts.


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