Unlike many other parts of the world, Sweden has a fairly good tradition of freshly brewed, strong coffee. There is not a single Starbucks vendor in the entire country.

However, there is good coffee and there is great coffee. All worshipers of the black gold have their own personal favorites, and the following are my favorite coffee shops in Gothenburg for 2006.

Bar Centro

Most visits bring the Seinfeld episode “soup nazi” to mind, but the coffee is simply the best in town. The place is tiny and the atmosphere is great. I visit the place too often to be recommended, as my work office is located nearby.

Recommended: Espresso Macchiato.

Coffee at Bar Centro Having coffee at Bar Centro.

Da Matteo

Highlights include friendly baristas and a cozy location in the narrow alley Victoriapassagen. It also has Kanolds as neighbor, the finest chocolate store in Gothenburg.

Recommended: Mezzo.

Bar Italia

The barista of Bar Centro moved to another part of the town and continued to make great coffee. Don’t miss the scooter on the wall.

Recommended: Espresso with honey.

Mama Java

Once one of my main coffee locations, it got pinned down one place due to it’s new competitor Bar Italia in the same neighborhood. It is still very good even though the beverage preparation can be painfully slow.

Coffee Cup

Don’t be fooled by the awful location in the miserable Nordstan. This place actually serves great coffee and a friend of mine works there.

For further recommendations of coffee locations in Gothenburg, have a look at the great coffee blog Kaffesnobben by Roger Johansson.


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