For many the autumn is a season of melancholy. A bitter confirmation that decay is the fate of all mankind, while we gaze upon the colorful trees as the last vestiges of beauty.

Autumn in Eastern cemetery, Gothenburg Happy hour at Eastern cemetery.

While that may ring true, I prefer to see it as the deep breath before the plunge. A few months later the winter will be gone and nature will return to blossom. Embrace change and enjoy the seasonal variations in sights, sounds and smells.

Autumn in Kungsparken, Gothenburg The central park is absolutely gorgeous at this time of year.

“What is dead may never die”, as they say in the Iron Islands.

Autumn in Garden Society, Gothenburg I recall the park at fall.

Enjoy it while it last, because next stop is November. Gothenburg in November is like a Romero movie without zombies.

Autumn in Garden Society, Gothenburg The Garden Society of Gothenburg.
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    11 Nov, 2016

    Agree! Även om vintern är kall och mörk så är det fantastiskt att ha 4 så distinkt olika säsonger.
    Jag föredrar dock att åka iväg någon gång under vintern för en paus från kylan och fylla på med D-vitamin :)

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    13 Nov, 2016

    Håller helt med dig! En resa under vinterhalvåret gör underverk. :)

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