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Arriving in Andorra

I have arrived in Andorra, one of the smallest states in Europe. Hidden away high in the Pyrenees mountains, the country is secluded and seldom visited. The capital, Andorra la Vella, is one of the world’s highest capital cities at an altitude of 1029 meters.

Andorra is one of the so called European mini-states. I’ve been to some of them, such as Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta and the Vatican. They usually permeates a sense of hidden beauty, that they have something unique that the locals are not too eager to share with visitors.

Sant Esteve Church Sant Esteve Church in Andorra la Vella.

As far as mini-states goes, there is nothing weird about Andorra. It least not in comparison to other more extreme examples.

Sitting on my book shelf for ages is the book called Micro Nations by John Ryan. It features a list of eccentric oddball wannabe-nations such as Molossia (located in Nevada), Whangamomona (on the nothern island of New Zealand) and the Republic of Kugelmugel (amazing name, located in the Prater park of Vienna). It even features the Swedish area of Ladonia, wellknown for the statues by Lars Vilks.

In such company, Andorra is impeccably normal. Perhaps too normal, if you ask me.


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