I was a bit surprised to discover that a new season of Parts Unknown will start this weekend. Since, you know, the leading man Anthony Bourdain is unfortunately not with us anymore.

As this will be the 25th season of a TV series featuring Anthony Bourdain, it’s getting hard to keep track of all the locations he has visited. I’ve created an interactive map of his travels from 2000 to 2018, covering all of his four series.

Have a look at the map. You may zoom the map using mouse scroll and hover the countries to see which episodes that were filmed there.

A Cook’s Tour (2 seasons, 2002-2003)

Bourdain’s first TV series came from the success of his breakthrough book Kitchen Confidential. The two seasons were produced between 2000-2001 before airing on the Food Network. Compared to his later series, this one is a bit rough around the edges, but it gives a nice look into the early version of Anthony.

No Reservations (9 seasons, 2005-2012)

Moving on to Travel Channel, Bourdain takes his show to a new level. This is Bourdain in his sardonic prime. Savvy but curious, mocking but caring, he embarks on wild journeys around the world in his own inimitable style.

The Layover (2 seasons, 2011-2013)

This sidestep show is focusing on travel details for a specific city instead of Bourdain’s train of thought, which makes it less personal and thus less compelling in my eyes. Bourdain himself generally loathed the series, which sometimes become apparent in the episodes.

Parts Unknown (12 seasons, 2013-2018)

Moving on to CNN, Bourdain made a show that was more mature and political than the predecessors, but still featured his trademark of biting observations. The larger muscles of CNN enabled the team to explore advanced locations such as Kongo.


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