One of the best ways to get inspiration for upcoming journeys is to watch entertaining hosts embark on their adventures. There are lots of great travel shows out there, but most of them are focusing on the usual monuments and sights at a destination.

This all changed when Anthony Bourdain entered the field. He’s a former chef and author of several books such as the influential Kitchen Confidential, A Cook’s Tour and Nasty Bits, but to a large audience probably best known from the series No Reservations.

Trastavere Bourdain’s favorite place for Cacio e pepe in Trastavere, Rome.

For seven seasons he’s been traveling all over the globe while trying out strange food. One of my favorite episodes is when he goes to Rome with his wife Ottavia, the entire episode is all shot in black and white Fellini style with sardonic voice overlays by Bourdain.

On November 21, Anthony Bourdain returns with a new series called The Layover. Stay tuned.


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