This weekend I visited the last ever edition of Tinitus festival. The lineup was strong and the festival had been extended to two days. We defied the sunny spring weather of Stockholm and descended into the dark fog of Münchenbryggeriet for the 10th year edition of Tinitus.

It was the third time I saw Suicide Commando but this was probably the weakest one. Johan van Roy included some new stuff in the setlist, but the audience was a bit tired since it was getting close to 3 AM. At least we got a great version of “Dein Herz, Meine Gier”.

Andy LaPlegua grinned from ear to ear as the front man of Combichrist entered the stage with his mad drummers. The audience went crazy and even a large fellow as me had to step back a bit not to get squashed. Not quite as good as the gig at Arvika last summer but still lots of energy.

Combichrist at Tinitus Andy LaPlegua, Combichrist.

And One did a predictable performance and Steve Naghavi was happy as ever. Northborne was a bit boring and the girls of Spectra Paris had problems with the sound. But the latter deserve some credit for performing a cover of the old Tears For Fears song Mad World with backdrops from A Clockwork Orange.

Highlight of the second day was of course The Klinik, one of the true pioneer bands founded in 1985. Dirk Ivens was cooler than carbonite as he entered the stage wearing the traditional mask. A very worthy last band on the last Tinitus.

The Klinik at Tinitus Dirk Ivens, The Klinik.

With both SAMA and Tinitus gone, we have to put our faith in Arvikafestivalen. This year the lineup is excellent with Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and R√łyksopp. See you there!


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