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Little 15

Another year has gone by and this site turns 15 years old this week. That’s pretty old in the web world.

This was a few months before the browser Netscape was released. Even though I had had an email address for several years, 1994 was the year I got my first mobile phone and my first web site. The kids of today probably won’t believe there was a time without mobiles and web.

The web of 2009 is very different from 1994. Back then there were no blogs, communities or RSS feeds. Google was not even started and popular sites like YouTube or Flickr were a decade into the future. No one even used mp3 files and very few had email access. Tell that to the kids of today, they won’t believe you.

URL in sand Advertising for Martians.

I once started out with two old friends called Emacs and Mosaic. All these years later, I still love the web and use it daily in a multitude of ways.

Happy birthday, my teenage site! May you serve page requests for many years to come.


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