This site has now been online for ten years! Way back in 1994, the tools were quite simple as I wrote plain HTML by hand in Emacs on a Solaris machine and viewed the result in the Mosaic browser.

Later that year, the first public beta of the Netscape browser was released and there was much rejoicing. This was 11 months before Microsoft woke up and released Internet Explorer 1.0 in August 1995, built on the ashes of Spyglass Mosaic.

For the next three years, the so called browser wars raged across the web. Finally, Microsoft were victorious and Internet Explorer was the uncontested browser at the turn of the millennium.

Mink Machine URL in sand Advertising for Martians.

These were the days of the wild wild web, but during the first years of the new millennium some pioneers began to preach the use of web standards and an accessible approach to web development. Today, that small group of dedicated souls has grown into something more, a sort of crusade against the tyranny of tag soup and browser-dependent web sites.

I look forward to experiencing the development of the web for another ten years.


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