The onslaught of summer heat has arrived in Gothenburg and it’s festival time. I missed Marilyn Manson last time he was in the city, but this time he performed at the Metaltown festival, on a pier so close I would have heard it from my balcony so I just had to be there.

It was quite entertaining, even though I think Manson has passed his prime long time ago and the last two albums are rather dull.

Other bands of notice on Metaltown were Slipknot, Volbeat, Opeth, Dir En Grey and Disturbed.

Metaltown crowd 20 000 people on a pier.

Earlier this week I saw a gig with Morrissey and I must say that the 50-year old British gentleman outclassed the decade-younger American misfit in terms of stage presence, despite the fact that several of the songs performed by Morrissey were quite boring and his voice fell short in the end.

Metaltown Scorching summer heat. A perfect day for wearing black.

Next week will start with Pet Shop Boys in Gothenburg, then I’m off to Arvikafestivalen for Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and much more. See you in the mud!


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