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A session with Fredrik Hallberg

This afternoon I went to Elite Plaza and attended a session with Fredrik Hallberg, internet analyst at Bright Media. The theme was how communication and marketing has changed after the arrival of the internet, and he covered a lot of topics during a few hours.

I’m usually quite skeptical to these kinds of sessions, since the speakers tend to blurb a lot of words without really saying anything useful. Fredrik was however a refreshing experience. Since I’ve been in this field for as long as I can remember there were not really any news for me, but I liked the way he connected the dots. Few people in our field of expertise actually stop to reflect upon the meta attributes of our world and the changes that everyday technology brings.

Fredrik is probably the first non-technical speaker I’ve ever heard that disregards the term “Web 2.0” and get the facts right. Kudos to him for that. He also managed to be quite entertaining and passionate about the subject, which is why I can recommend all of you to give him a chance, regardless of your technical level.

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    04 Jul, 2008

    I saw him at a presentation a few years ago about the benefits for companies in building communities around their products and getting more open-minded about their development etc.
    Was really interesting subject and, as you wrote, he is good at presenting the stuff as well.
    Still amazes me when both colleagues and companies I get to work with are really hush hush about information that doesn’t really matter or could benefit from getting some feedback from their expected consumers.

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