Singapore feels like one of the most dynamic cities of Asia right now. By extensive use of landfill with sand bought from Indonesia and Cambodia, the bay area has expanded greatly in the last few years and tall buildings pop up everywhere.

Singapore skyline, Singapore The skyline of Singapore.

One of the latest additions is the Marina Bay Sands hotel, where I’m currently staying. Completed in 2010, it is the world’s most expensive casino featuring 2500 rooms, a mall, a museum, seven celebrity chef restaurants, ice skating rink and the infinity pool at the top, 191 meters above the ground.

Marina Bay, Singapore Marina Bay Sands is dominating the bay area.

Another interesting area is the Garden by the Bay. While the population of Singapore has doubled during the last 25 years, the green ground cover has increased from a third to nearly half of the city state.

This area is no exception to the green influence and features a flower dome, cloud forest “supertrees” which looks like something from a sci-fi movie.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Supertree Grove in Gardens by the Bay.

Quite unsurprisingly, there is a downside to the fairytale. While Singapore is immaculate clean and safe, it has been described as Disneyland with a death penalty. Big brother is always watching and freedom of speech is questionable at best.

But some things never change. Singapore Sling was invented in the Long Bar at Raffles hotel in 1915. For exactly one hundred years people have come here to sip on the too-sweet drink, bearing a whopping price of $36 SGD, while throwing peanut shells on the floor under the traditional roof fans. Most likely the only place in Singapore where littering is actually encouraged.

Waterfront in Marina Bay area, Singapore Waterfront in Marina Bay area.

And now I’m going to do just that, for old times sake. Last time I had a Singapore Sling in Singapore was almost a decade ago, so it’s about time to refresh the memory.


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