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Moments In Time with Elia Locardi

Elia Locardi is a professional photographer and a traveling nomad. I’ve been following him for several years on various medias. Earlier this year it was announced that he was busy producing his very own series on travel and photography, called Moments In Time.

Since I tend to photograph a lot during my own travels, it’s very interesting to get an insight into how a pro like Elia think when composing his shots. I’ve been to most of the locations featured in his show, but his shots are of course far superior to mine so I learned some good things from studying him in action.

Recently the tenth episode of season 1 was released for free on YouTube, so it’s a perfect time to binge-watch and get inspired for new adventures. If you are interested, why not start with the first episode: Scouting Singapore.

Moments In Time Moments In Time – view it now!


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