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Copenhagen Beer Celebration

Cheers from Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014, where I’ve met my old friends Mikkeller, To Øl and more (Carlsberg? What’s that?)

Some of the favorites of the weekend was Mine is Darker (To Øl), Ryan & The Gosling (Ewil Twin), Nebolution (Omnipollo) and Ragnarök Stormaktsporter (Närke).

Sweden was represented by several great breweries. The previously mentioned Närke caused quite a stir with their brew Bäver served from an urinal-shaped tap. The beer is supposed to be made with the gland from a beaver’s behind, containing secretion sprayed around to mark the animal’s territory. And guest what, it tasted just as you would imagine.

Mikkeller bar at Viktoriagade Outdoor party on Sunday morning (!) outside Mikkeller bar. The CBC circus is in town.

Although the hall offered fantastic brews, eventually we grew tired of the noisy place after several hours and went to Mikkeller bar (Viktoriagade 8) and its twin Mikkeller & Friends (Stefansgade 35), as well as the nice Mikropolis (Vendersgade 22).

Mikkeller at Copenhagen Beer Celebration Mikkeller had a prominent position as one of the arrangers.

As a bonus we found one of the best pizzas in town, so good I had to visit twice (hi Stefano, I will be back).

All in all, a great weekend in the capital of Denmark.

Omnipollo at Copenhagen Beer Celebration Omnipollo offered some of the best brews of the weekend, with Nebolution and Astral among my favorites.
Mikkeller & Friends at Stefansgade Lots of good stuff available at Mikkeller & Friends.


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