After arriving in Tehran a few days back I discovered that Facebook, Twitter and other fun sites are thoroughly blocked, just as suspected. So I had a coffee and took the next flight to Shiraz, the lovely city in the south of Iran, on a quest to find the perfect kebab.

So here I am, spending the days getting lost in the bazaar, visiting lots of shrines and trying to find decent coffee. I really like the people here, they are very friendly and eager to get their hands on mp3 music from westerners. And as always, don’t mention the war.

Nasir al-Mulk, Shiraz Nasir al-Mulk in Shiraz.

Even though the city of Shiraz has much to offer, there are also many interesting things a few hours away. The magnificent ruins of Persepolis north of Shiraz are not to be missed. Since Xerxes sacked Athens in 480 BC (after supposedly defeating 300 Spartans earlier at Thermopylae), it was probably inevitable that Alexander the Great had to burn Persepolis to the ground in retaliation 150 years later. Traces of fire are still visible on the columns of the Apadana in Persepolis.

So far the ice cream has been approved by yours truly. Now it’s time to go hunting for some more kebab. See you later.

Kebab in Mashhad Amazing kebab.

Update: After having tried the various kebab dishes in several towns, I hereby grant the award of Best Kebab to Gods Restaurant (aptly named), located at Imam Reza Street in Mashhad.


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    07 Apr, 2010

    I am not as updated on your life as I would like to be… what kind of trip is this? Roaming around in Iran and something more I read about in the blog I think.
    Sounds like you have a good time, I should travel more I think…

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    07 Apr, 2010

    Vill se massor av bilder och massor med bloggande – superintressant resa!!!

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    13 Apr, 2010

    Thanks for feedback! I will write more about the trip as soon as I can.

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