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Movie locations around the world part 6

Welcome to part 6 of my quest for finding movie locations around the world! Left images are from the actual films and to the right are my visits to the spots.

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Featured movies: Before Sunset, No Reservations, Michael Palin’s Sahara, Doctor Who, Quantum of Solace, Star Wars Episode 2, Game of Thrones, The World Is Not Enough, Superman 2, Da Vinci Code, Assassin’s Creed, Yes Man.

Before Sunset (2004)

Before Sunset scene Before Sunset: Le Pure Café, Paris

Jesse and Celine meet up once again. This time they walk all over Paris and visit Le Pure Café in the 11th arr.

Before Sunset scene Before Sunset: Le Pure Café, Paris

They sit down at a table in the back, behind the zinc bar.

No Reservations (2008)

No Reservations scene No Reservations: Tucson, Arizona

Anthony Bourdain found his way down to the underground control room of Titan Missile Museum, guided by Captain Yvonne Morris. Four years later I sat in the same chair, talking to Captain Morris.

Michael Palin’s Sahara (2002)

Michael Palin scene Michael Palin: The Rock of Gibraltar

Michael Palin starts his Sahara adventure with having a look at the British territory of Gibraltar…

Michael Palin scene Michael Palin: The Angry Friar, Gibraltar

…and ending the visit with a quick pint at The Angry Friar.

Michael Palin scene Michael Palin: Petit Socco, Tangier

A while later he arrives to Tangier and have a coffee at Petit Socco.

Doctor Who (2011, 2015)

Dr Who scene Dr Who: Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff

Jack Harkness walks up to Martha Jones and the Doctor (David Tennant version) at Roald Dahl Plass. This square is also the location of the Torchwood HQ.

Dr Who scene Dr Who: Eddie’s Diner, Cardiff

Eddie’s Diner is featured in several episodes. The Doctor (Matt Smith version) and River Song is having a chat at table 11, while Amy and Rory is ordering at the counter.

Dr Who scene Dr Who: Eddie’s Diner, Cardiff

Another Doctor (Peter Capaldi version) is talking to Clara at the same place.

Dr Who scene Dr Who: Eddie’s Diner, Cardiff

The Doctor emerges from the bathroom, which actually has a Tardis wall in there.

Dr Who scene Dr Who: Eddie’s Diner, Cardiff

Clara leaving the Doctor for the Tardis.

Quantum of Solace (2008)

Quantum of Solace scene Quantum of Solace: Casco Antiguo, Panama city

Daniel Craig as James Bond spends some time at his “hotel in Bolivia”, which is actually Instituto Nacional de Cultura in Panama.

Star Wars Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones (2002)

Attack of the Clones  scene Star Wars Episode 2: Plaza de España, Seville

Anakin and Padme arriving at “Naboo”, which just happens to be the vast Plaza de España.

Attack of the Clones  scene Star Wars Episode 2: Plaza de España, Seville

They take a long detour just to show off the impressive columns.

Game of Thrones (2014)

Game of Thrones scene Game of Thrones: Alcázar, Seville

Jaime Lannister is facing off against the Sand Snakes in season 5, inside the “Dorne Water Gardens” (which is actually the impressive gardens of the Alcázar of Seville)…

Game of Thrones scene Game of Thrones: Alcázar, Seville

…while Myrcella is taking it far more easy near the fountain.

The World Is Not Enough (1999)

The World Is Not Enough scene The World Is Not Enough: Guggenheim, Bilbao

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond escapes from the baddies in his usual relaxed style by lowering himself down from the balcony of a “Swiss bank” opposite the Guggenheim…

The World Is Not Enough scene The World Is Not Enough: Puente de la Salve, Bilbao

…and makes his escape by heading north across the bridge next to the Guggenheim.

Superman 2 (1980)

Superman 2 scene Superman 2: Niagara Falls, Canada

Clark and Lois are taking a sunny walk along the Canadian side of the famous waterfalls, before Superman surprisingly appear.

Da Vinci Code (2006)

Da Vinci scene Da Vinci Code: Saint-Sulpice, Paris

Silas visits the largest church in Paris, in search of the “rose line”.

Assassin’s Creed (2016)

Assassins Creed scene Assassin’s Creed: Tomb of Columbus, Seville

The tomb of Columbus inside the Seville cathedral is featured in one scene.

Yes Man (2008)

Yes Man scene Yes Man: Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

A lot of movies were shot at this hilltop. Even Jim Carrey couldn’t stay away from the scenery.


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