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Silent night i Frankfurt

It’s a cold night in Frankfurt. We are walking along silent streets where Christmas displays are providing light and comfort. As I walk by, I look up towards the facade of the house where Goethe was born in 1749. But it’s really cold, so instead we visit a chocolate shop across the street.

Goethe house Goethe house.

The Römerberg square is almost deserted. The beautiful Altes Rathaus looks somehow smaller when there is not a crowd of people in front of it and there is no line of people squeezing the fish handle on the small Minerva well.

Römerberg square Römerberg square.

We enter the solemn Alte Nikolaikirche in the end of the square. It’s the day before Luther’s birthday, so he was the obvious poster boy in there.

We continue east along the pillars of Bendergasse to arrive at the imposing cathedral, the red exterior beautifully lit with the Domturm shining brightly into the night as the eye of Sauron. I try to find the skullcap of St. Bartholomew in the chapel, but grow restless and continue north along small alleys filled with Christmas decorations.

Cathedral interior Cathedral interior.

Arriving at the Hauptwache square just as the bells of Katharinenkirche starts to ring. I rest my weary feet next to the weird statue where David sits on the head of Goliat, and gaze at the square. The old bricks of the church as well as the baroque Guard House stands in stark contrast to the shining skyscrapers behind them. A combination of old and new, as things should be.

Cathedral interior Old meets new at Hauptwache.


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