Berlin is ever changing. Last time I was in Berlin about a decade ago, I remember a sky full of construction cranes in the eastern parts. The city has seen some serious improvements since then and some sites has changed beyond recognition.

Today has been colder than usual, so I understand why Alphaville wrote a song about “summer in Berlin” instead of this cold season. We walked all across the city, met old friends, visited strange bars and fought the bitter cold with Gl├╝hwein.

Der Bloch Der Bloch at Monsterkabinett. Sleepy fellow.

As usual we had to go on bunker safari! Took two guided tours down to the Berlin underworld which gave some perspective on the bombings during the later part of WW2. The air-raid bunkers were once packed with people and some rooms had luminous phosphorus paint on the walls, original since 1940 and slightly toxic. We also visited underground shelters which were constructed during the Cold War as protection from nuclear attacks.

Flak Tower The Flak Tower in Humboldthain Park.

The nearby Flak tower in Humboldthain Park was one of several anti aircraft towers constructed in 1941. There is a tour available descending down into the partially-collapsed structure, but unfortunately it is only open during the summer season since the tower is inhabited by bats who hibernate during the winter months.

We also had to pay our respects at the Hansa Studios, where artists such as Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten and Kent have roamed the halls and done recordings at the Meistersaal, once known as Studio 2.

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    29 Dec, 2011

    Nice to see your photos from Berlin! I see I missed some things when I was there in June.. Like the bunker safari. :-) Hope you had a good xmas, and we should plan another travel photo session at F:s soon :-)

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