The historical port area of Hamburg is on the rise these days. The district of Speicherstadt is once more buzzing with people and cranes.

Old warehouses in Hamburg The old warehouses are divided by canals.

HafenCity is an exciting development project which aims to enlarge the city center by roughly 40%. The old warehouses of the industrial harbor are being replaced by modern housing and open spaces. for In only five years time, 12 000 residents are expected to live among the canals.

Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg Elbphilharmonie.

It is said that Hamburg has more bridges than London, Amsterdam and Venice combined. Towering over it all is the crown jewel Elbphilharmonie, inaugurated in 2017.

Speicherstadt in Hamburg Old houses in Speicherstadt.

As I walked along the small bridges a few days ago, I made a mental note to return in a decade to see how it all turned out.


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