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Chilling at the Perhentian islands

After experiencing the lovely urban chaos in Kuala Lumpur, these islands feels like a daytime dream. Epic palm trees and crystal clear water frames a picture so perfect it feels like a computer rendering. Every direction I look reminds me of a desktop wallpaper.

Jetty at Perhentian Islands Jetty at Perhentian Islands.

The two islands in the Perhentian used to be a crossroad for traders between Bangkok and Malaysia. As I walked across the white coral sand beaches and looked at the turquoise blue sea, the pristine touch is ever evident. I’m glad that The Beach wasn’t filmed here. Despite a growing number of tourists the islands still feels relatively untouched.

A part of this is probably the hassle of getting here. In total it took four different flights with several cab rides and boat trips to arrive on these shores, so hopefully it will take a very long time before the onslaught of mass transit comes to claim these islands and turn them into a Gran Canaria 2.0.


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