Alex Chacon is probably best known for his incredible motorcycle journey across the American continent, where he traveled from Alaska to Argentina in 500 days. The video is called 500 Days Alaska to Argentina – The Modern Motorcycle Diaries and must be seen.

He has also gotten viral traction with other videos, such as the Around the World in 360 Degrees, a three year epic selfie project. Checkout his YouTube channel for more inspiring stuff.

The name is obviously inspired by the memoir written by Ernesto “Che” Guevara, first published in 1993. It chronicles a motorcycle journey all across South America with his friend Alberto Granado, which had a profound impact on Guevara who later became the infamous guerrilla leader.

They left Buenos Aires in 1952 and traveled for nine months across the South American continent. Their journey can also be seen in the 2004 movie called “The Motorcycle Diaries”.


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