This is a collection of short stories by Staffan Heimerson, a renowned Swedish journalist. Many of the episodes are downright hilarious, such as the hunt for Bin Ladin in Falun and his road trip on the Karakoram Highway which connects China and Pakistan. He also describes being taken prisoner in Zimbabwe, where they put classified documents in the outdoor toilet to avoid suspicion.

Livet är ett äventyr cover

I also enjoyed the opening chapter where he met Göran Kropp in Chatanga, before the infamous North Pole expedition in 2000. After the expedition had reached the North Pole, Heimerson traveled there himself. And what did he do on the pole? He peed on it.

His storytelling is often fun and easy reading, so grab a copy of the book as summer entertainment.

If you want a more in-depth description of his travels in Eastern Europe, I can also recommend his book Sarajevo from 1995.


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